19 February 2014

GLPI 0.85 Beta-Test

We enter in the beta-test period of the 0.85 version of GLPI.

This new version includes new features:
- Complete management of components (inventory of components with financial stock management)
- Change Management - ITIL (requester, impact analysis, validation, link to tickets, problems ...)
- Project management (tasks, link to contracts and changes, Gantt diagram ..)
- New right matrix (increased atomicity)
- Import, export and duplication rules
- Improved import emails (removal of the signature and the previous posts before importation)
- Maintenance Mode
- Log Rotation
- ...

For more details see the detailed change log: here

Bug reports should be done only in the beta section of the forum

To find out what is involved in beta testing, please read the guide here

You can download the beta generated every night here

A partial english documentation is available here Any help to finish this translation is welcome.

We remind you that this version is not a stable release and should not be used in production.

Thank you for your cooperation !

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