1 December 2015


After several weeks of work, Teclib’ is proud to announce the release of GLPI 0.90.1. Here an incomplete list of features added in this minor version :

- A improved contrast for many interface elements.
- A new for business rules criterion to target SLA.
- 2 new display hooks (for plugin developers).
- Possibility to look for "other components" in computers search engine.
- A better responsive display for smartphones and tablets
- Many bugfixes.

See changelog for more details.

You can dowload the 0.90.1 archive on github

We’d like to thank all people who contributed to this new version and all those who contribute regurlaly to the GLPI project.

Besides, the development of 0.91 major version has now started. By taking in account our users and partners suggestions, we’re going to focus on implementing the following new features :
- Complete planning review with the integration of Activity plugin (made by our partner Infotel);
- Better licenses management;
- Ticket tasks enhancements;
- PDF plugin integration;
- More notification events (Behaviors plugin features) : assign to a technician, a group and a supplier;
- Adding a lock mecanism;
- The satisfaction survey response by email.

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